Budget Shade Sails

Shade sails are temporary roofs above an outdoor area to reduce the effect of sunlight/harmful rays of the sun. We often do not realise the harmful effects of the UV rays that cause skin rashes and affects the sensitivity of the skin. To keep you protected from these concerns, Shade Wise offers shade sails at a very reasonable cost that would allow you to enjoy your sun-basking sessions without any harmful effects of the sun’s rays on your body.

With evolving technology, we now offer budget shade sails that are easy to install in any outdoor area, be it an open ground, the backyard of one’s house, the parking zone or even a swimming pool. The raw materials used in the making of these shade sails are chosen carefully by our skilled team members, keeping in mind various requirements of each of our customers. We use galvanised steel in our shade sails owing to its properties of rust protection and yielding a longer lifespan than the others. The shade fabric is a knitted fabric that adds to the aesthetic and calming property of a shade sail.

Our shade sails are compatible with both, commercial as well as household requirements of our clients. We customize each shade sail according to the size, shape, colour, and the design preferred by our beloved customers. Our expert team of professionals also provide their suggestions to the customers whenever the need arises. The team also takes into account the budget of our customers and accordingly designs budget shade sails for the consumers spread across the city of Melbourne.

Our job is not just limited to the designing and installation of the shade sails, we are known for our excellent customer service. Our skilled workforce is always on their feet to serve our clients across Melbourne. Be it any problems in the shade sail installation, size or the design, we’re always ready to resolve the issues to provide utmost satisfaction to our customers.

Shade sails ranging from commercial, domestic, residential or waterproof requirements, we have it all. Every individual space needs a different kind of shade sail installed. Some might want to steer clear of the UV rays, some might want to avoid the rain or some might want both. We have the resources and the skills to cater to the individual requirements of every customer. Our services fall under the most affordable ones in the city. Shade sails prices in Melbourne are quite on the higher side but Shade Wise has very consciously decided to keep the prices affordable so that the services are accessible to the mass at a lower cost.

A pro tip to all those wanting to install shade sails – they do get dirty, dusty, and affected by birds or insects; therefore, it is advised to get them cleaned once every 2-4 years depending on what’s located around the shade sail, possibly during the winter season. Regular cleaning of your shade sails will increase its life span as well as keep the respective areas clean and hygienic.

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