Shadewise Shade Sails specializes in designing, producing, and installing custom shade sails and structures for commercial and residential applications throughout Australia.

We retail some of the best shade sails available on the market and can cater to both light and heavy-duty projects of differing complexities. You can choose to have our custom shade sails as a DIY kit or have them installed by our team.

In addition to our extensive range of shade sails, we have a friendly and experienced team who can assist you with professional installation for your shade sail.

The multiple aspects involved in installing domestic shade sails in Melbourne

Getting the most out of your shade sails is an art that requires precision and foresight. After all, there are many aspects to consider before you get down to actually installing your new shade sails.

  • Do you have any current anchor points that you would like to use? If so, are they right?
  • Do you have to attach to existing points or get new anchor or fixing points (including posts)?
  • How will you decide on the location of the wires, underground pipes and for that matter, even barbeques in the limited space that you have?
  • What should be the best direction and angle of the shade sails, depending upon the sun and the wind direction?

If you request a professional installation for your shade sails, our skilled installation team will look at all these factors, and more to ascertain the best way to install your shade sails. You can count on them to take care of everything from the start to the finish, leaving you with peace of mind that your job will be well done.

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    How can a professional installation help even for domestic shade sails in Melbourne?

    Correct anchoring

    It is recommended that you do a professional installation for your fresh shade sail. It ensures that posts are secured properly, taking into account the angles, direction of the wind, the position of the sun, and the strength of your shade sail once it is built and tensed. It also ensures that all current fixing points that you plan to use, i.e. connection to the building, garage, or other existing structure, are adequate or can be strengthened to take up the load and pressure of your newly built and tensioned shade sail.

    Structural integrity, even for larger shades

    The size of your shade sail system will determine the size of any anchor points to be created as well as the strength and support needed to hold the structure in place. Our team of professional installers is skilled at projects of all sizes and complexities, for both residential and domestic shade sails.

    Durability assurance

    We are confident that our expertise in the professional installation of shade sails will help these structures stand the test of time. So you can enjoy the pleasant shade in the outdoors, without having to worry about how they will hold up in different types of weather.

    Why choose us for domestic shade sails in Melbourne?

    Only the finest high-grade shading fabrics available on the market are marketed, stored, and given. With a wide range of color variations and options between porous and waterproof membrane, there is no shade problem that Shadewise Shade Sails is unable to solve. We are committed to giving our clients the most effective protection against the sun and rain.