Outdoor Shade Sails in Melbourne

Shadewise provides the best sun protection for your outdoor area, to keep Melbourne families comfortable and safe. Our shade sails offer protection against the rain and sun, and can make your outdoor area an enjoyable space for all seasons.

Our expertly-designed shade sails have up to 98 per cent UV protection and shelter from light rain so you can enjoy your outdoor area, no matter the weather conditions. Our shade sails can make any outdoor area a comfortable and safe environment to keep your family happy.

A wide range of great shade sail designs in Melbourne

Everyone’s outdoor area is different, so we have a wide range of different shade sails to suit your needs.

Shade sail shapes

You can choose from a range of differently shaped shade sails including triangle, square, and rectangle to suit different tastes and needs.

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Shade sail sizes

We offer shade sails in a variety of sizes and dimensions so your outdoor area can be covered, no matter how big or small it is.

Shade sails colours

Our shade sails come in a variety of colours, each with their own heat absorption properties, so you can make a choice based on personal preference or functionality.

Outdoor shade sail benefits

Our outdoor shade sails offer:

UV protection

Our outdoor shade sails offer up to 98 per cent UV protection no matter how hot it is or what time of day it is. Ultraviolet inhibitors provide protection against sun damage by preventing most UV rays from coming through the fabric.

Better ventilation

Our outdoor shade sails are made from a breathable fabric that allows for better air circulation under the shelter to provide a well-ventilated space to keep your family cool during the summer.

Protection from light rain

Our outdoor shade sails provide some shelter from light rain to let you enjoy your outdoor area throughout the whole year, no matter the weather. Shade sails are never made completely waterproof to allow for breathability so water sensitive items should not be kept under an outdoor shade sail.

Our shade sails are made of lightweight materials to allow for easy handling, installation, and removal and can last up to 10 years with our expert construction.

Outdoor shade sail installation options in Melbourne

At Shadewise, we offer two different options for installing your outdoor shade sail at an affordable price. You can choose between having our team professionally install your shade sail or a do-it-yourself kit.

Our team at Shadewise can install high-quality domestic or commercial outdoor shade sails all across Melbourne. We focus on providing maximum safety and protection during every installation, while also working professionally and efficiently for a fast and affordable service. We offer a free consultation, measure, and quote on every installation job.

You can choose to install your own outdoor shade sail with one of our DIY installation kits. The kit will include structures, fittings, fabric, posts, fixtures, and a comprehensive set of instructions to make your installation as easy as possible.

Contact Shadewise for more information on outdoor shade sails in Melbourne, or for a free consultation, measure, and quote.