When buying a shade sail, the purchase is only the first step, you still need to have it installed. If you don’t have time to install the shade sail yourself, we can do the installation for you quickly and efficiently to ensure your backyard, deck, pool, or driveway is covered and protected from the sun and rain. Our trained professionals will ensure that the shade sail installation at your place is fast and hassle-free.

When they want professional and fast domestic shade sail installation, Melbourne residents can call on the Shade Wise team, to help keep their family safe and protected from sun damage. Our expertly constructed shade sails are sure to be stable and set up properly to provide maximum protection and safety.

Our shade sails come in a range of different shapes, colours, and sizes to suit any outdoor residential area that needs to be protected from the rain, sun, or wind with durable and secured shade cloth installation. Our quality home and garden shade sail designs provide:

  • Intense UV protection
  • Greater ventilation
  • Light protection from rain

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    Intense UV protection

    Our professionally installed shade sails provide up to 98 per cent protection from UV rays no matter what time of day it is or how intense the heat is. The UV inhibitors prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating the fabric to provide the best possible protection against sun damage to the skin. We provide only high-quality shade cloth for our shade sail installations in Melbourne. Our shade sails will actively shield your family from UV rays.

    Greater ventilation

    Our breathable fabrics allow cool air to circulate under your shade sail to provide an airy, well-ventilated, and comfortable space.

    Light protection from rain

    Our professionally installed shade sails can also provide limited shelter from rainy weather to allow you to enjoy your outdoor area even in a light rain. Our shade sails are never completely waterproof to allow air flow under the shade sails, so water sensitive items should not be stored under them.

    Professional installation services in Melbourne

    Our reliable and professional installation service means that installing a shade sail in your home is an easy and hassle-free process. We are devoted to making your life easier, so we offer services such as:

    Fast installation

    Our professional team will install your shade sails quickly and efficiently so you can spend more time enjoying the benefits of your new installation, and less time waiting around.

    Professional service

    All of our professional installation staff have a vast knowledge of shade sail installation and are dedicated to providing the most stable and safe construction possible.


    We offer competitive installation fees as well as a free consultation, measure, and quote on all shade sail installation jobs. Choose Shade Wise for the best professional installation service in Melbourne.

    Wide range of shade sails in Melbourne

    Everyone’s backyard is different, so we offer a wide range of different shade sails in varying:

    • Sizes
    • Shapes
    • Colours
    • Fabrics
    Shade sail sizes

    We have a wide range of different sizes and dimensions of shade sails so no matter how big or small your backyard is, we can professionally install the best shade sail for you. So, you can contact us for perfect shade sail installation by our technicians.

    Shade sail shapes

    We offer a variety of differently shaped shade sails including rectangle, triangle, and square designs created in supreme quality shade cloth in Melbourne for different tastes and purposes. We can also install barrel vault structures, shades with side “droppers”, or ring top shade sails.

    Shade sail colours

    We have a wide variety of different coloured shade sails. You can choose colours depending on your personal tastes or heat absorption properties.

    Contact Shade Wise for professional shade sail installation in Melbourne.