Waterproof Shade Sails in Melbourne

We provide outdoor protection from the harsh Australian weather. Shadewise offers a range of shade sails made from high-quality fabric that has been treated with a durable waterproof coating. We make it easy to provide protection to your family, cars, customers, employees, or students, and provide a solution for any exterior area.

Our waterproof shade sails can enhance the appeal and value of your outdoor space, making your outdoor areas safer and more comfortable. Choosing one of our waterproof shade sails is a great investment in your property or business to ensure you get the most from your exterior. Our waterproof shade sail range is offered at a range of price points so more organisations and families can afford our product. We offer a free consultation, measure and quote on all shade sail installations.

Using the latest technology

The fabric we use to coat our waterproof shade sails is extremely durable, designed to stand up to challenging weather conditions, and is extremely fade-resistant. A thin coat of PVC is put onto the fabric polyester weave base cloth, which makes the fabric very strong and lightly waterproof at the same time. The fabric is extremely versatile and is usually used on covered walkways, carports, awnings, umbrellas, and smaller pavilions to ensure you can cover any area you want.

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The support system, such as footings and poles, is constructed out of stronger materials than most shade sail systems. We do this because no wind build-up can escape from the non-porous shade sail membrane, whereas with shade cloth, up to 70 per cent of wind can escape through the cloth. Our shade sails come in a variety of different colours.

Semi-waterproof shade sails in Melbourne

Shadewise provides shade sails for homes and businesses throughout Melbourne with a wide range of shade systems. Our shade sails offer protection from the sun, and our semi-waterproof shade sails provide shelter from light rain.

Shade sails for any outdoor area in Melbourne

Whether you are looking to have a relaxing place for customers to sit, a protective area for school kids, or create an outdoor entertainment area at your home, we can provide a shade sail to suit your needs.

We can make custom-made shade sails to suit your needs, with a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours. One of our expert consultants will give you a free consultation, measure and quote on all installations.

Professional or DIY installation options in Melbourne

At Shadewise, you can choose between having a professional installation or doing it yourself.

Professional installation

We offer efficient, professional shade sail installations across Melbourne. We can ensure that every part of the job is done to the highest quality so your shade sail will last for years.

DIY kits

We provide do-it-yourself kits for home and business owners that would rather take a DIY approach to shade sail installation. You will be given a kit with comprehensive instructions and everything you will need to install your shade sail.

Contact Shadewise if you have any questions about waterproof shade sail installation in Melbourne or for a free consultation, measure, and quote.