Shade Sails Or Shade Canopies: Which One Should You Choose?

Although sunny days bring freshness and happy vibes,  too much exposure to harsh sunlight can get you into trouble at times. A great way to prevent this is to install shade solutions which help obstruct harsh sun rays and provide shade and comfort.

However, there are several options in shade solutions, which make it difficult to choose one. Two of the most popular shade solutions are shade canopies and shade sails. So, to help you in making the right decision, here is a brief comparison between shade canopies and shade sails.

1. Area to be sheltered-

Despite the face that both canopies and shade sails can cover large areas, there is a difference in their designs. Shade sails are available in a variety of shapes, colours and patterns which can compliment your structural outlook and also provide you with an adequate amount of protection from sunlight.

2. Style and design-

If you are looking for a shade solution which does not only provide great shade and coverage but can also be tailored according to the colour of your home or office, then shade sails are a perfect choice. However, in case you are expecting a professional which can be structurally customized, then you can look at shade canopies as an alternative.

3. Prices and affordability-

When it comes to selecting a shade solution, price is an important factor. In this aspect, shade sails are a more affordable option compared to shade canopies. Shade sails are available at low prices and come in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns. So, you have a wide scope to choose shade sails which are suitable for the design and structure of your office or home.

4. Amount of coverage-

Sometimes, you might face unstable weather conditions. Also there are days when the winds are strong. At such times, you need a shade solution which can sustain such weather and provide you protection. The shade sails are designed to endure such winds and stay intact even in changing weather conditions. However, in case the weather gets too rough, then the shade sails can easily be taken down and raised again after winds are normalized.

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