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Jun 22, 2020

3 Tips For Shade Sail Maintenance

Shade sail adds an aesthetic appeal and provides safety to a variety of premises including schools, homes, outdoor areas and so on. While we invest a lot on them, it is important to consider shade sail maintenance on priority for maximising its life and effectiveness. Maintaining a shade sail in not a daunting task and should not be neglected in any way.

One should always invest in a good quality shade sail from a reputed supplier and get it regularly maintained. The sight of a shabby and sagged shade sail is complete displeasure to both, the residents and the visitors. Shade sail maintenance fosters its longevity and provides the best outcomes for users in the long run.

Here are three points which should be included in your shade sail maintenance regime.

1. Regular checks of the structures

Fabric structures are meant to be serviced and maintained regularly to fulfil safety standards. One should ensure that the fabric structure should not lose the tension. Weather conditions are an influential factor that encourages shade sail maintenance. It is important to check the tension every 12 months and replace it if possible.

2. Monitor and repair sails after major winds events

In order to retain the looks and functionality of shade sails, it is essential that you invest in scheduled cleaning and repair services. We recommend you to at least do a visual check once a year. Most importantly, shade sails should be checked after every storm and windy events. There are certain points to check while you do a physical examination of the shade sail including fittings, connection points, fabric tension and the wear and tear of fabrics.

3. Cut back overhanging trees or branches

Trees that is overhanging on the sail can damage the shade sail structure. This is due to the soiling from the tree debris. In such situations, the tree or branches should be cut or trimmed to protect the shade sails.

Thus, shade sail maintenance should not be overlooked and given much importance it requires. If you have any queries, feel free to call us. Shade Wise is a company in Melbourne that provides the best shade sails to homeowners at affordable prices.

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