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3 Tips for shade sail maintenance

Shade sail adds an aesthetic appeal and provides safety to a variety of premises including schools, homes, outdoor areas and so on. While we invest a lot on them, it is important to consider shade sail maintenance on priority for maximising its life and effectiveness. Maintaining a shade sail in not a daunting task and should not be neglected in any way.

One should always invest in a good quality shade sail from a reputed supplier and get it regularly maintained. The sight of a shabby and sagged shade sail is complete displeasure to both, the residents and the visitors. Shade sail maintenance fosters its longevity and provides the best outcomes for users in the long run.

Here are three points which should be included in your shade sail maintenance regime.

1. Regular checks of the structures

Fabric structures are meant to be serviced and maintained regularly to fulfil safety standards. One should ensure that the fabric structure should not lose the tension. Weather conditions are an influential factor that encourages shade sail maintenance. It is important to check the tension every 12 months and replace it if possible.

2. Monitor and repair sails after major winds events

In order to retain the looks and functionality of shade sails, it is essential that you invest in scheduled cleaning and repair services. We recommend you to at least do a visual check once a year. Most importantly, shade sails should be checked after every storm and windy events. There are certain points to check while you do a physical examination of the shade sail including fittings, connection points, fabric tension and the wear and tear of fabrics.

3. Cut back overhanging trees or branches

Trees that is overhanging on the sail can damage the shade sail structure. This is due to the soiling from the tree debris. In such situations, the tree or branches should be cut or trimmed to protect the shade sails.

Thus, shade sail maintenance should not be overlooked and given much importance it requires. If you have any queries, feel free to call us. Shade Wise is a company in Melbourne that provides the best shade sails to homeowners at affordable prices.

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4 Steps to consider while customising a shade sail

Customising a shade sail for home in Melbourne is now possible with Shade wise. Shade sails are vital to protect the family from the outer elements such as wind, rain and sun. While there are plenty of shade sails available in the market, there is a joy in customising your own.

Let us see the steps involved in making your own shade sail for home.

1.  The Design

The very first step towards making a shade sail for homes is designing it. Design plays a very important role as it builds the foundation of the entire shade sail. It is necessary to estimate the exact amount of space needed to cover and calculate how much shade is required.

2. Consider a retractable

If you want the flexibility to control the amount of shade you want at any one time, then you need a retractable sail.

A retractable shade sail is flexible and helps you to control the amount of shade you want at any particular time. Retractable shade sails allow you to enjoy the natural sunlight in winters by pulling it back. This is a convenient shade sail created for your convenience of obtaining and preventing light.

3. Fabric Selection-

Fabric selections highly depend on factors such as weather, protection, budget and preferences. With a wide variety of fabrics available, it can be a challenging task to choose one.

However, one has to consider the above factors mentioned if looking for a long-lasting one. On the contrary, the fabric you choose should be worth the money because you will be investing a good amount of money on it.

4. Choose your colour

The most exciting part is choosing colours. Each fabric can have selected colours that go with it. Light colour can show a lot more dirt than the darker ones, so choose wisely according to its maintenance.

These are a few important steps that should be considered while customising a shade sail for your home in Melbourne.

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Popularity of commercial shade sails in Melbourne

Shade sails comprise of fabrics that are fastened to the posts which are attached to the ground. Shade sails are classified as per the number of points they are secured with. The importance of commercial shades sails in Melbourne cannot be undermined.

A commercial shade sail which has four-points will consist of a fabric that is secured with four posts. The appearance of these arrangements can differ. With a combination of posts that differ in heights can make the fabric take a customised shape. Commercial shades are used in a wide range of settings such as playgrounds, outdoor seating, parking areas, swimming pools, parks and recreational spaces.

Shade Wise has a variety of commercial shades sails to offer you which you would love to install. We can accommodate your specifications including size, shape and colour. Our fabrics that are used in making shades pass on enough light without creating any shadows.

Shade fabrics come in a variety of forms which differ in the amount of UV ray’s exposure. There are also fabrics that are made for cooling. Some fabrics are made to prevent the rains.

At Shade Wise, our commercial shades sails are made with the finest quality and longevity. Our fabrics can sustain several installation and uninstallation cycles without any tear and wear. With our quality and aesthetic attributes, your investment in us is surely a good one. We have many customers to our credit who are happy with our commercial shades and have already recommended to a lot of people. We truly believe in customer satisfaction and fulfilling their tiniest of requirements.

Shade Wise is situated in Melbourne to accommodate the requirement of commercial shades sails of all our residents. If you have any queries, feel free to call us. At Shade Wise, you need not worry about installation and after-sales service. We are available at your doorstep as and when you need.

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Different types of shade solutions

Shade solutions in Melbourne have proven to be useful for plenty of reasons. Apart from its primary job of providing shade from the scorching sun, it also offers protection against rain, snow, and hail. A wide variety of shade solutions are available that suit for different venues.

Let us understand some different types of shade solutions

1.Cantilever Shade Structures

Flexible and versatile, cantilever shades can be customised for every need. With a unique post system, it doesn’t block the view. They are commonly found in the venues of pool, patios, stadiums, playgrounds and picnic areas. Its functionality is unique with only two posts at the back of its only independent support system.

2.Multi-Panel Shades– Hexagon/Octagon

Multi-panel shades are beautifully designed and comparatively attractive than other shade solutions. This is because they use a variety of fabric on the top for giving an aesthetic look. These shade structures are best for providing shade against the sun but cannot be used for other extreme weather. They are best at offering proper functionality and good visual appearance. One can customize these shade structures by mixing and matching colours with beautiful varied patterns.

3.Shade Sails

Shade sails are the best option if you want shade solutions in your customised height columns and attachment points. Like multi-panels shades, these are best for protection against sun and light rains. They cannot be used against extreme weathers. They are open from the sides and hence cannot be used against harsh elements. If you are looking for a practical choice, shade sails are best suited for your needs.

Shade Wise is a company in Melbourne that offers you all the above shade solutions to cater to your needs. Affordable and offering quality products, we have created a niche in the market. If you have any queries, feel free to call us.

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5 Factors to Consider While you Choose the best Shade Sails for your Gardens

Garden areas are one of the favourite areas of the house where you spend your leisure time with families. This is the place where you would probably spend your summers sipping cold coffee and having a nice talk with your family. While you do this, ensure that the sunrays are not obstructing your happiness. shade sails are the primary thing that you should first get installed in your garden.

Consider these 5 factors before fixing the shade sails in your gardens.

Type and Style

There are many companies that shall have a wide range of shade sails available in different styles, sizes and colours. Do a little research on various types of shade sails that you would like to have in the house.


Colour options in shade sails are infinite. Do not get confused. Try to match the colour of shade sails with the colour of your outdoor furniture in the garden. Try to go with neutral colours like white beige and cream if you want to keep it simple.


The main objective of installing a shade sails is to protect yourself and the family from harsh sun rays, rains and windy weather. Ensure that the sunshades justify with the quality that you are looking for.


shade sails come in different sizes. Review your garden area to know how much areas you would like to cover with shade sails. It is important to find the right size of sunshade for the garden.

Shadewise in Melbourne is the best place if you are looking for shade sails that fit your criteria in terms of cost, shape, size and colour. We offer standard quality that can withstand the mightiest weather. Feel free to call us for more queries about our products.

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Benefits of Owning Shade Sails in your Premises

Shade sails have always been popular among consumers in Melbourne and are in the Australian market for decades. They are used on different premises such as households, corporate offices, restaurants, cafes, etc. The use of shade sails in Melbourne has been consistent due to the several benefits it provides to the users.

Protection from different elements

People who stay outdoors for a prolonged time period tend to develop skin cancer and skin disease. This is because of the sun/s harmful UV rays. Shade sails are useful to people who like to enjoy time in the sun without any obstruction. Shade sails prevent direct exposure to the sun, protects from drizzles and milder rains.

Provides ventilation

Shade sails in the property are also meant to provide extra cooling and ventilation. On installing it properly, it avoids massive sun exposure that can get inside the establishment. Most shade sails are made of semi-permeable fabric that allows cool air circulation in the area. The temperature goes down by around 10 degrees.

Easy setup

Shade sails unlike another additional set up don’t take much time to install and can also be easily removed. It is like a wonderful extension that does not have any negative effect on the property when removed. Areas that are often hit with a storm and strong winds should opt for shade sails that are easy to set up and remove.

Improves the aesthetic value of a property

The residential and commercial places can look decorative with shade sails installed. They add an extra element to the décor and are noticeable. Available in different styles, sizes, and colors, these shade sail, if selected properly, can complement the entire look of the establishment.

Shade sails are in fact a beautiful addition that also provides protection and comfort at the same time. If you are looking to buy shade sails in Melbourne, give Shadewise a call and you might just like to buy some of our shade sails.

Protection from hail or falling leaves, nuts or sticks Shade sails are a great way to protect your car or vehicle from hailstorms, leaves, sticks and even gumnuts can do so some serious damage! Protect your pride and joy with a shade sail today!

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Get Enlightened on the Different Types of Shade Sails

Shade sails work best and are used extensively in Australia where the areas face extreme heat or warm temperatures.  Shade sails prevent harmful UV rays of the sun that can affect people. One can avoid the issues of tanning, spotting, sun allergies and other such skin issues. These shade sails are best for the areas of garden, patios and other outdoor areas. In today’s time, a wide range of shade sails is available for the new-age consumers.

Umbrella shaped garden shades

In the summertime, when you want to spend quality time with your kids in your garden area, umbrella-shaped garden shade sails are the most ideal ones. It becomes difficult to lounge around in the garden due to scorching heat in summer months.

Patio shade sails

Usually, the patio areas in the house are open and don’t have shades. Instead of installing asbestos or meal shades, it is always recommended to invest in shade sails that fit your budget. Meal shades are costlier and are time-consuming. Shade sails are waterproof and can withstand the toughest weather.

The variety and other options                  

Shade sails are available in a variety of style, sizes, designs, and colours. One can find their favourite colour and design. From pastels to bright colours, you can get everything in the store. With the advent of technology, one can get your shade sails customized with your favourite colour and design in it.

Waterproof architectural PVC shade sails

What better way to protect and enjoy your outdoor area then with an Architectural PVC waterproof sail. Ensuring you can enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee out on the back deck no matter rain, hail or shine. They can also be a great alternative to a traditional patio often requiring no permits or hassles.

Shadewise provides quality shade sails at affordable prices. If you are looking to buy one, give us a call to know more about the variety that we have.


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How do you install a shade sail in your outdoor area

Buying a shade sail goes through various stages including selecting, budgeting, purchasing and finally installing it. While buying and selecting can be an easy task, installation requires all the patience, time, and using one’s intellect.

But don’t freak out! We are here to help! We can do the shade sail installation for you with just one call from your end and voila your shade sail is installed in your beautiful backyard.

Our technicians and quick shade sail installation service can be availed across all the areas of Melbourne. We make sure a hassle-free installation to provide maximum protection without consuming much time.

We custom make our sails to fit any shape and size to match your outdoor area that needs protection. There are also plenty of colours available to choose from. We are sure that our shades can resist the toughest weathers. Our shades are designed in a way to provide:

Intense UV protection

Greater ventilation

Light protection from rain

Hail protection

Intense UV protection

About 98% protection from UV rays can be achieved from our shade sails irrespective of the amount of heat and time of the day. The UV rays are blocked giving maximum protection to the occupants.

Greater ventilation

The breathable fabrics that we use allow cool air to spread under your shade sail to provide a breezy, well-ventilated, and comfortable space.

Hail protection for cars and other vehicles

Shade sails provide excellent protection from hail for whatever you choose to store underneath it. Ensuring your pride and joy is safe when any hail damage.

Light protection from rain

Our shade sails also provides shelter from rainy weather for you to enjoy your outdoor area even in the drizzle. Completely waterproof it allows airflow under the shade sails.

Professional Installation Services in Melbourne

We make your life easier by doing all the installation process effectively and on time. We are devoted to professionalism and consumer satisfaction.


Certainly, every buyer takes into account the shade sail installation cost. But you need not worry as these charges are too affordable and you have no reason to worry.

If you are looking around for easy and speedy shade sail installation in your outdoor space, do contact us and get the quote instantly.

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The emerging need of good quality Sail Shades in Melbourne

Although a majority of people in Melbourne allow themselves to bask in the sun, it is advisable to not go extra. Overexposure can be dangerous to the skin and the body. The sun’s harmful UV rays cause damage. It is necessary to cover your residences and commercial spaces with shades that protect you from harmful sun rays.

Why are Sail shades important?

Sail Shades provide shelter in order to have a safe and conducive surrounding whilst adding a dash of style and class to household and office establishments. They block the sun rays and reduce the heat inside the premises. It controls the amount of natural sunlight that gets filtered into the spaces.

How shades can get destroyed?

Sail shades are also susceptible to damage with time, they can get spoiled because of dirt, mould, leaves, insects, or sap. This affects the life of your shade sail and wrecks its beauty. Winters are the best time to clean the shades as their usage is the maximum in summers

However, do not follow the below methods to keep shade sails clean.

  • Putting sails in the washing machine or the clothes dryer can cause the shade sails to wear out quickly.
  • Use of any chemicals on shade sails.

Are you searching for a good quality Shade Sail for your premises?

Shade wise has a wide variety of commercial and residential shade sails that will match your requirement. Contact us if you have any queries on the same.

Why choose us?

With profound experience over many years, Shade Wise is an expert in producing and implementing beautiful sail shades. Considering all sun angles, structural quirks, and design limitations we ensure the sail shades are perfectly customised to your space. Our staff works closely with clients on-site to understand and build the ideal sail shade – taking into account the budget and property of the client.

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Shade sail cleaning & maintenance

Shade sails, like any other outdoor structure, can become dirty over time. Whether it’s because of mould, leaves, dirt, insects, or sap, it can shorten the life of your shade sail and detract from its architectural beauty.

It is best to pull your shade sail down and have it cleaned during the winter months, as people tend to use the sails most in summer. Our shade sails come with a 10-year warranty, but the thread may not last that long. We can have your shade sail re-sewn while it is down to be cleaned. The sail can rip beyond repair if the thread degrades to the stage where it unravels or comes apart, so maintenance is important.

It can save you time and money to have your shade sails cleaned and re-sewn at the same time, as cleaning alone can be enough to push deteriorated thread over the edge. This means the sail only needs to be taken down once. Your shade sail should only have to be re-sewn once in its life.

We can evaluate your shade sail to let you know if it needs to be cleaned, re-sewn, or replaced, and how much it will cost. We stock a wide range of stainless steel fittings to replace any that have seized up.

We can either perform the evaluation at your house or you can save money by bringing your shade sail to our factory.

You should be careful to avoid chemicals containing bleach, halogens, or sulphur if you are cleaning your own shade sail. These chemicals can attack the shade sails UV stabilisers and void your warranty. We recommend using a mild detergent and a soft scrubbing brush.

It is important to make sure your shade sail is tight when reinstalled to avoid damage and reduce wind flap.

We have found that shade sails sewn with a heavier thread last longer than those sewn with a lighter thread, so we can re-sew your shade sail with a heavier thread to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Contact Shadewise for more information about cleaning or re-sewing shade sails in Melbourne.

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