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Choosing Shade Sail Colors? Don’t Forget These 4 Things

Whether you are deciding on a shade sail color for your home or venue in Melbourne, picking the right color can be intimidating.

The color of your shade sail (no matter what you pick) nonetheless will impact your space on several levels. It’s for this reason picking the right color is crucial.

To make things easier, we have curated four key factors that will help you pick the shade sail color of your choice. Here you go:

1. Location

For starters, you can consider the environment that’s surrounding your property or venue. Just look for the color that’s present in your surroundings or buildings.

What colors can you find that would go well with your shade sails? Accordingly, pick a color that matches your surroundings.

Say, if you need sail shades for your Melbourne property which is located in an area with abundant nature like trees you can opt for a color with a similar natural palette.

2. Branding

If you are hosting an event for your company, you can choose colors that can go with your brand’s identity. In this way you can make your brand more recognizable for your guests by weaving the brand’s colors right in your shade sails.

When doing so, make sure you pick a single color that best represents your brand. You don’t want to confuse your audience with a whole range of colors.

However, if colors are an important part of your brand, try to pick other simple supporting colors to go with the primary one to maintain consistency.

3. Protection from UV Rays

UV ray protection is an important factor you must consider when deciding colors for your shade sail since different colors affect UV intake.

Lighter color shades are known to allow more sunlight and are preferred for shaded areas with tree plantations or glass underneath the shade. Deeper shades, on the other hand, are known to prevent significant amounts of UV rays from passing and are chosen for more warmer areas.

4. Overall Purpose

Another good idea is to pick your shade sail color based on your purpose or goal. Think about what goal you want to achieve with your shade sail? Doing so will give you a perspective on what color to get.

For example, if you are installing your shade sails in the stadium or a riding hall located in Melbourne, you can pick a color that isn’t eye-catching and won’t distract the players. Going for deeper colors than brighter ones in this case is the way to go.

Likewise, if your shade sail is going to be installed at a beach with the goal of bringing out a summer vibe, going with bright colors such as blue or yellow is a good idea.

For protecting parking areas near commercial spaces, you can pick colors that are easy to spot. Or for schools or playgrounds, you can go with brighter and vibrant color hues to express a playful vibe.

You can also play with color psychology and pick colors that evoke a mood or sensation. If you will be using shade sails in a restaurant, for example, you can pick colors like yellow or orange as they evoke hunger.

Well, there you have it: Four factors to easily help you decide the ideal color for your shade sail. Just keep them in mind and pick the right hue for your desired sails.

For more professional assistance, you can also ask us for help. We are one of Melbourne’s reputed manufacturers and installers of shade sails and can assist you with all your needs. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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Top Reasons to Buy & Install Shade Sails from Reputed Manufacturers

There’s no doubt shade sails offer plenty of benefits to your Australian property whether you are living in Brisbane or Melbourne. They not only provide protection from the sun during summer but also from rain and are effective at reducing electricity costs.

Whether you are buying a new sail shade or thinking of replacing an old one, the question still remains:

Are you buying from trusted providers or professionals?

Getting your sails from renowned manufacturers can benefit you in many ways compared to getting a DIY kit. Here’s why we think you should get shade sails from professional manufacturers:

They have an extensive experience

Since sail shades are an investment, they need to be of great quality and shouldn’t fall apart in the very first year you buy them.

Getting sail shades directly from reputable manufacturers can assure you get the best quality sails made from superior quality cloth fabric.

Top manufacturers that have been in the business for years use high-grade threads and weaving techniques. This guarantees you get the best shade sails that last longer than contemporary ones.

They are aware of logistical requirements

When you are installing bigger shade sails for your property, you need to be aware of several engineering, legal permitting and other logistical requirements.

Manufacturers who also install shade sails are aware of all this. They can easily help you install the shade sail in your property and make sure it’s done in a hassle-free way.

They have excellent track record

Having designed and installed thousands of shade sails across properties, renowned shade sail manufacturers have a proven track record when it comes to project completion.

The quality of their work and long-lasting relationships with clients make them a preferred choice for buying shade sails from them.

They offer custom shade sails

Skilled shade sail manufacturers also make custom-made shade sails to suit different requirements. So if you need a custom-designed shade sails installed in your property with a range of shapes, sizes and colours, they can give you a hand.

You also get expert consultation and valuable advice regarding your custom designs.

They provide add-on services

Top manufacturers not only provide the shade sails of your choice but also deliver various services like shade sail cleaning, repairing, and even replacement for your older sails.

Thus when you buy from them you have the option of outsourcing the work rather than doing it yourself. Compared to DIY shade sails, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or cleaning since everything is taken care of.

They provide sails to support a wide range of infrastructure

Manufacturers create shade sails to suit a range of infrastructure from residential to domestic and commercial.

So whether you need a regular shade sail for your backyard, or multiple shade sails for a school, restaurant, or swimming pool, you can get everything under one roof.

Buying sail shades as per the property type also means you get the exact size and dimensions needed to fill your space.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to buy shade sails from manufacturers. Buying directly from trusted manufacturers can save you time and money as well as let you make the right investment for your shade sail.

Need high-quality shade sails for your own property in Victoria, Australia? We ourselves are reputed manufacturers and installers of shade sails and can help you find the right shade to suit your space. Get in touch with us for a free quote.

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4 Remarkable Uses Of Shade Sails In Melbourne

Shade sails are not only practical, but also aesthetic, and flexible. They have a variety of potential applications in your residential or commercial space. This article tries to explain what shade sails are and discover interesting ways in which they can revivify homes, offices, educational institutions, and public places.

What are shade sails?

Shade sails are prepared from a material known as high-density polypropylene mesh which is a form of plastic. Despite being made from plastic, shade sails do not appear cheap. They are made by using a knitted weave. Also, they are available in a variety of colours and attractive patterns. Shade sails can obstruct about 95% UV rays and can help you to stay safe while indulging in outdoor activities.

Here are some of eminent uses shade sails:

1. Shade sails can help you create outdoor rooms.

Whether you wish to create an outdoor seating area in your yard or a playing area for your kids, shade sails can be a perfect choice for creating stylish and practical outdoor rooms.

2. They help you in protecting your home.

UV rays are harmful to our skin and also for our home. When exposed to harsh sunlight, the furniture, flooring, and carpets might also get fade. However, if you install shade sails strategically, then you can make sure that there is a proper shade and your home is protected from harmful sun rays. Also, with shade sails, you can continue enjoying the outside view.

3. Shade sails can make your playgrounds safer. 

Whether it is a backyard swing or a jungle gym, shade sails can ensure the kids’ safety. Also, as there are several colour alternatives, shade sails offer great scope for versatile designs in homes, schools and public parks.

 4. Shade sails can be used as protection for cars.

If you do not have a garage or parking in your home or office, then shade sails can be useful for protecting your vehicles from the sun. Exposure to harsh sunlight can damage or fade cars, so erecting a shaded parking area will keep your car safe and away from damage. Also, installing shade sails is much affordable as compared to building a garage. So, investing in shade sails is indeed a wise option.

So, if you think that installing shade sails in your outdoors is a smart idea, then get in touch with Shade Wise now! We can help you in choosing the perfect solution for your home, business, or playground. You can choose from our wide range of attractive and durable shade sail in Melbourne to make your outdoors safe and attractive.

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Shade Sails Or Shade Canopies: Which One Should You Choose?

Although sunny days bring freshness and happy vibes,  too much exposure to harsh sunlight can get you into trouble at times. A great way to prevent this is to install shade solutions which help obstruct harsh sun rays and provide shade and comfort.

However, there are several options in shade solutions, which make it difficult to choose one. Two of the most popular shade solutions are shade canopies and shade sails. So, to help you in making the right decision, here is a brief comparison between shade canopies and shade sails.

1. Area to be sheltered-

Despite the face that both canopies and shade sails can cover large areas, there is a difference in their designs. Shade sails are available in a variety of shapes, colours and patterns which can compliment your structural outlook and also provide you with an adequate amount of protection from sunlight.

2. Style and design-

If you are looking for a shade solution which does not only provide great shade and coverage but can also be tailored according to the colour of your home or office, then shade sails are a perfect choice. However, in case you are expecting a professional which can be structurally customized, then you can look at shade canopies as an alternative.

3. Prices and affordability-

When it comes to selecting a shade solution, price is an important factor. In this aspect, shade sails are a more affordable option compared to shade canopies. Shade sails are available at low prices and come in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns. So, you have a wide scope to choose shade sails which are suitable for the design and structure of your office or home.

4. Amount of coverage-

Sometimes, you might face unstable weather conditions. Also there are days when the winds are strong. At such times, you need a shade solution which can sustain such weather and provide you protection. The shade sails are designed to endure such winds and stay intact even in changing weather conditions. However, in case the weather gets too rough, then the shade sails can easily be taken down and raised again after winds are normalized.

At Shade Wise, we offer the best quality shades sail in Melbourne at the best price. Also, our shade sails come in various colours and patterns. So, if you wish to get your outdoors covered with attractive and durable shade sails, from Shade Wise, then connect with us now.

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8 Ways In Which A Shade Sail Can Benefit Your School

Shade Sails have a plethora of advantages for schools. Wish to know more? Read on.

1. Get UV protection.

Shade Sails help you to gain high level of protection from the harmful UV rays produced by the sun. With shade sails, kids can now spend a lot of time in outdoors without risk of skin damage.  Our shade sails protects about 98.8% of harmful UV rays, keeping kids and teachers secure. .

2. Get cooler playing areas

Our shade sails provide a shaded and cool area in playground in which children can play around, or sit under to avoid risk of sunburn.

3. Ventilation
Our shade sails allow flow of cool breeze and enhances the ventilation of your building. So you do not have to worry of blocking aeration while installing shade sails.

4. Brighten up your outdoors.

Shade Sails are available in a variety of colours comprising of vibrant, shades as well as pastel hues. These shade sails can help you to brighten the outdoor area of you school and also maintain peaceful shade.

5. Get versatile style options.

Shade Sails offer an endless selection of design alternatives to choose from. Our shade sails are also available in various shapes like triangle, circle or rectangle. By choosing the suitable size and shape of your choice, you can enhance the look and functionality of your outdoors.

6. You can conduct outdoor activities

By investing in a shade sail, you can also conduct some interesting workshops and classes in outdoors. You do not need to worry about kids suffering from sun burn or any discomfort due to bright sunlight.  Also you do not need to worry about discomfort of your staff. With shade sails, you can get fresh light, soothing shades and fresh air so that they can focus on their studies and also enjoy fun of being in outdoors.

7. You can conduct different events under shelter of shade sails

With shade sails, you can conduct various events in your outdoors. Depending on the size of shade sails, you can decide the number of students which can be accommodated in the shade sails. 

In Shade Wise, we offer high-quality shades shade sails of various sizes, shapes and colours. Moreover, we offer expert consultation and installation on site through skilled technicians. Connect with us now and get best shade sails installed in your outdoors.

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Why Is Installing A Shade Sail In Your Patio A Good Idea?

Does your home have a calm patio where you can unwind with your friends or family? It is nice to have a place for enjoying a cup of coffee or brunch with the entire family sitting together. However, some people might find the patio too hot and uncomfortable because of direct sun which shines

If this the reason which stops you from enjoying some free time in your patio, then shade sail is a perfect option for you. A shade sail provides a solution to obstruct direct sunlight entering your patio.

Shade sails are created in a specific manner using a flexible membrane which is hung in a specific way so that it is tensioned in several anchor points. Rather than using costly construction materials to build a porch cover, a shade sail offers a reasonable solution for your home.

Mostly shade sails can be installed as a permanent fixture in your backyard. Also, you have an alternative of taking it down and moving the cover as per your plans.

Advantages of installing a shade sail in your patio-  

Here are a few advantages which you can get after installing shade sail in your patio-

  • UV Protection With shade sails, you do not have to worry about exposure to UV rays and skin damage or sunburns. Additionally, you can get a nice place to sit in outdoors without being directly exposed to the sun.
  • Enhanced functionality- Shade sails can directly be installed on any structure, construction or pole. Also, it can be designed as per your patio size. This helps you to enhance the functionality of your patio and use your patio as an activity area whenever you want.
  • Better privacy- If you wish to get a bit more privacy in your patio, then shade sails can block the view and protect your yard from wind and sun.
  • Long-lasting protection from sunlight- Even though it is a reasonable solution to get shade in the patio, Our shade sails in Mornington are designed by using durable materials which will hold up in all climate conditions.
  • Stylish looks- You can select the design and colour to enhance the appearance of your patio. These shade sails can be personalized to harmonize with your décor.

Having a roofed patio will enhance the functional and living space in your home. You can use this space to spend time with the little ones or sip coffee on a fresh morning. Also, you can host outdoor BBQ dinners with your friends or colleagues. book group, or small yoga class.

At Shade Wise, you can get a variety of amazing shade sails in Mornington. We also offer expert consultation to help our clients in making a perfect choice. So connect with us now and know more.

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Know Everything About Shade Sails

A shade sail is a pocket-friendly way to add a trendy and colourful tinge to your outdoors. In case you are looking for shades to suit your outdoors, then we might have the perfect solution for you.

Types of Shade Sails

Shade sails are available in a range of colours an different shapes like triangle, rectangle and square. You can choose the shape which suits your style and requirements. Along with the shape, installation techniques are also different for each type. The triangular shade sails comparatively less coverage but they can be squeezed easily and can fit in small places. On the other side, circular shades offer more coverage and are suitable for bigger areas. You can make a choice of shade sails based on your requirement, budget and choice.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing shade sails? 

Before choosing shade sails, consider the advantages and disadvantages of shade sails. Some of them are noted below-


  • Shade sails offer versatility and can enhance the look of your outdoors.
  • Their breathable fabrics help cool breeze to flow in and out. Also, it keeps the temperature in control.
  • With a shade sail, you can get complete protection from the harmful UV rays and also from the rain.
  • They are not only functional but also affordable. They are available in different shapes, sizes and also budgets.
  • Shade sails installation cost can fit your budget.


  • Installing shade sails is a tough job for a DIYer.
  • You need to hire a professional for mounting and installing them in your outdoors.
  • Although a shade sail might stay intact for about 8-10 years, still its durability largely depends on climate conditions in your region. If your area has high winds and drastic whether then the life of your shade sail might also decrease. Some type of shade sails have the capability of handling snow loads, however, the fabric might get stretched due snow and become vulnerable to damage. This is the reason why many shade sail manufacturers recommend you to take your shade sail down during winter.
  • You cannot install shade sails in your outdoor cooking area as the heat and chemicals can destroy the fabric.


How Much Does Shade Sail Installation Cost? 

The price of shade sails is different relying on the size, colour and fabric of the shade sail. At Shade Wise, we offer premium quality shade sails of various colours and shapes. To know more about our products, browse through our collection and connect with us now!

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3 Advantages of Having a Swimming Pool Shade

Swimming pools are a big investment made by any houseowner in Melbourne. Having a pool becomes an additional responsibility for them to maintain it for the long run. Whilst there is a list of instructions that needs to be followed, a simple swimming pool shade can do wonders. Have you thought about it? Shades offer maximum benefits that can help you to maintain the pools in optimum efforts.

Let us quickly run through the three main benefits that a swimming pool shade can offer:

Reduce your pool’s operating costs

The shade cloth not only blocks ultraviolet sun rays but also helps to drastically reduce the heat within the pool and outdoor functional area. With regular use of shades, your pool is protected against the continuous sunrays that can ruin the pool. With lower water evaporation levels, you are bound to reduces your pool maintenance costs.

The Ultimate Solar Protection for Pool Areas

Shade sail provide up to 99% protection against ultra violet rays and are primarily designed for providing protection against the sun. They effectively filter out the dangerous UV rays harmful for our bodies. Continuous and extensive exposure to light can take a toll over the skin and the body. It is always better to have swimming pool shade that shall cover your head while you enjoy swimming in the pools.

No debris

With the presence of swimming pool shade; leaves, sticks or flowers are fallen on the shade and not in the pool. This shall help in avoiding the unwanted debris in the pool and in the outdoor area. You would probably like to have a clean pool than an unclean one which shall not alter the pH value of the water.

Shade Wise is an eminent company in Melbourne that offer quality-based swimming pool shades that come in different materials, colours and UV stabilizers with good warranties. With extensive experience, we ensure all our customer needs are fulfilled with our products. If you have any queries, feel free to call us. We are just a call away.

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Significance Of Shade Sail Repair And Maintenance

Just like everything in the world needs maintenance, shade sails are not an exception. With years of sustaining the weather and the harmful UV rays, shade sail tends to become weaker and start losing its functionality. In such cases, early repair is always advisable so as to avoid expensive costs in future. The shade sail repair should be done immediately when you see it’s been affected.

We list you three common types of shade sail repair:

Rips and Tears of Sail

Usually, shade sails are more likely to need repair within 8 9 years of installation. After this time duration, they become weaker due to wear and tear, tough weathers and dust falling on them. Shade sails are majorly affected by stormy conditions that lead to the cutting of shade sails by the brushing of tea branches. This phenomenon is quite common and you need not have to panic. In such cases, you should undergo shade sail repair for its functionality. Shade sails need to be re-stitched and restored to their original look helping you to save costs on a brand-new shade sail.

Wire Tension loss

Wire sails rest upon wire tensions. These wire tensions, which is under the cloth, get revealed when the sail is exposed to strong wind or brushing of tree branch. Rough weather conditions like extreme heat can also wither away the cloth and thus making it a poor looking sail. Hence, it is necessary to repair these sails on time. The same can be repaired just by adding a patch of cloth or new sleeve stitch.

Shade sail cleaning and maintenance

TWith years of its usage, you may find your shade sail has become shabby, discoloured, dirty and slowly losing its attractive appeal. In such cases, your sail has to be cleaned. After all, how much will your shade sail sustain? The time of its makeover is now.

Shade Wise offers you the best shade sail repair and maintenance in Melbourne. We give the best shade sail repair services to all our customers. If you have any queries, feel free to call us.

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3 Tips for shade sail maintenance

Shade sail adds an aesthetic appeal and provides safety to a variety of premises including schools, homes, outdoor areas and so on. While we invest a lot on them, it is important to consider shade sail maintenance on priority for maximising its life and effectiveness. Maintaining a shade sail in not a daunting task and should not be neglected in any way.

One should always invest in a good quality shade sail from a reputed supplier and get it regularly maintained. The sight of a shabby and sagged shade sail is complete displeasure to both, the residents and the visitors. Shade sail maintenance fosters its longevity and provides the best outcomes for users in the long run.

Here are three points which should be included in your shade sail maintenance regime.

1. Regular checks of the structures

Fabric structures are meant to be serviced and maintained regularly to fulfil safety standards. One should ensure that the fabric structure should not lose the tension. Weather conditions are an influential factor that encourages shade sail maintenance. It is important to check the tension every 12 months and replace it if possible.

2. Monitor and repair sails after major winds events

In order to retain the looks and functionality of shade sails, it is essential that you invest in scheduled cleaning and repair services. We recommend you to at least do a visual check once a year. Most importantly, shade sails should be checked after every storm and windy events. There are certain points to check while you do a physical examination of the shade sail including fittings, connection points, fabric tension and the wear and tear of fabrics.

3. Cut back overhanging trees or branches

Trees that is overhanging on the sail can damage the shade sail structure. This is due to the soiling from the tree debris. In such situations, the tree or branches should be cut or trimmed to protect the shade sails.

Thus, shade sail maintenance should not be overlooked and given much importance it requires. If you have any queries, feel free to call us. Shade Wise is a company in Melbourne that provides the best shade sails to homeowners at affordable prices.

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